Indianapolis Medical Offices

Zionsville Volunteer Fire Department

NPI Provider: 1952348880
Contact Name: VanGorder James
Position: Fire Chief
Phone: (317) 870-6700 Zionsville Volunteer Fire Department Information: Zionsville Volunteer Fire Department organization...

Visiting Nurse Service, Inc.

NPI Provider: 1649276551
Contact Name: Pipas John
Position: CEO
Phone: (317) 722-8200 Visiting Nurse Service, Inc. Information: Visiting Nurse Service, Inc. organization have...

Sycamore Springs Surgery Center, Llc

NPI Provider: 1700881745
Contact Name: DeHeer A Patrick
Position: CEO
Phone: (800) 615-1363 Sycamore Springs Surgery Center, Llc Information: Sycamore Springs Surgery Center, Llc...

Rehabilitation Institute Of Indianapolis Inc.

NPI Provider: 1144226143
Contact Name: Goff E James
Position: President
Phone: (317) 924-4505 Rehabilitation Institute Of Indianapolis Inc. Information: Rehabilitation Institute Of Indianapolis Inc....

Pathology Chp, Sc

Advertisements NPI Provider: 1952407256
Contact Name: Maso Calixto
Position: President
Phone: (773) 665-3666 Pathology Chp, Sc Information: Pathology Chp, Sc organization have...

Mlb Meridian Health Facilities, Inc

NPI Provider: 1902801574
Contact Name: Mando William
Position: CFO
Phone: (813) 635-9500 Mlb Meridian Health Facilities, Inc Information: Mlb Meridian Health Facilities, Inc organization...

Midwest Glaucoma Associates

Advertisements NPI Provider: 1194758672
Phone: (317) 817-1768 Midwest Glaucoma Associates Information: Midwest Glaucoma Associates organization...

Mccarroll Management Corp

NPI Provider: 1609871292
Contact Name: McCarroll L David
Position: President
Phone: (317) 634-8330 Mccarroll Management Corp Information: Mccarroll Management Corp organization have...

K Donald Shelbourne Md Llc

NPI Provider: 1538166988
Contact Name: Shelbourne Donald K
Position: President
Phone: (317) 924-8636 K Donald Shelbourne Md Llc Information: K Donald Shelbourne Md Llc...

Indiana University Medical Center

NPI Provider: 1144227455
Contact Name: Kieffer Marie Yvonne
Position: Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Phone: (317) 569-1593 Indiana University Medical Center Information: Indiana University...

Indianapolis Gastroenterology And Hepatology

NPI Provider: 1518964493
Contact Name: Brown David E
Position: President
Phone: (317) 865-2955 Indianapolis Gastroenterology And Hepatology Information: Indianapolis Gastroenterology And Hepatology organization...

Indianapolis Osteopathic Hospital Inc

NPI Provider: 1609873124
Contact Name: PORTER JERRY
Position: CEO
Phone: (317) 920-7198 Indianapolis Osteopathic Hospital Inc Information: Indianapolis Osteopathic Hospital Inc organization have...

Hts Outpatient Therapy Services

NPI Provider: 1801891890
Contact Name: Chatham Barry
Position: LLC Member
Phone: (317) 780-3737 Hts Outpatient Therapy Services Information: Hts Outpatient Therapy Services organization...

Home Services Unlimited Inc.

NPI Provider: 1497751978
Contact Name: Froymovich Etelka
Position: President
Phone: (317) 471-0740 Home Services Unlimited Inc. Information: Home Services Unlimited Inc. organization have...

Ehob, Inc.

NPI Provider: 1487659025
Contact Name: ROGERS D SCOTT
Phone: (317) 972-4600 Ehob, Inc. Information: Ehob, Inc. organization have...

Catholic Charities

NPI Provider: 1255439493
Contact Name: Bethuram J. David – Position : Executive Director
Phone: (317) 236-1500 Advertisements Catholic Charities Information: Catholic Charities...

2020 Eye Physicians Of Indiana P C

NPI Provider: 1871588442
Contact Name: Michael Mark J.
Position: Treasurer
Phone: (317) 871-5900 2020 Eye Physicians Of Indiana P C Information: 2020 Eye Physicians Of Indiana...